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The Road From There To Here

by Stormy Hinkle January 28, 2022 3 min read

The Road From There To Here

“Fear regret more than failure.” -Taryn Rose

You know, people think you are pretty crazy when you decide to make, manufacture, and market a product when you have absolutely no experience.  

Even your family, although well-meaning, remind you of the comfort and stability you might be giving up to pursue your “crazy dream.”  

And,then you start to have doubts, you wonder ifthey might be right.  

There is risk involved when you go after something your heart desires.  

So, why do it?  Why try?

It’s an easy question for me to answer now, but it wasn’t easy when I started.  I was pretty caught up in the, “I am not smart enough to attempt this,” mind drama.  And although it was playing on repeat most days, I have learned to quiet the voices of doubt and insecurity that were making it feel so difficult to take another step forward. 

There are few ideas I keep close by as reminders of my “why.”

My kids are watching. It was a cute idea two years ago.  Now they’re taking notes.  

Is Mom going to give up?   They want details.  

They watch my every move as I navigate manufacturing in a different time zone, unexpected costs, building a website, learning e-mail flows and Instagram Reels.  

This is the legacy I will leave for them.  

I used to think it was Beauty Binder, butnow I know it is the permission to follow their heart.      

I am learning to trust myself.  

For the first time in my life, I am learning to really trust myself. 

Trust that I know what is best for me and for my business.  

Trust that I will make the right move at the right time.  

Trust that if I do the work, the right people will find me, or I will find them.  

Trust that what is meant for me will find me.

Giving back is the goal.  

Most people don’t know, but I was going to call this case “Makeup Addict.”  From the start I made a promise that if I was able to take this idea to market and have any success, I would donate a portion of the proceeds to women and children affected by addiction. My own life has been deeply affected by addiction, and I have spent many hours in the rooms learning to “Let go and let God.”  I have worked in courtrooms for over 14 years where most of the cases that come in are related to a parent’s addiction. I know this is my cause.  

As with life and my journey through it --I am learning to redefine what failure means and remember that all of my failures are stepping stones to my success.

Three years into Beauty Binder and I would do it all again!

There are a couple of prototypes not pictured there. One is in New York with a bag designer and the other is tucked away in a drawer because it was my first paper prototype I made from poster board.

If I had known how many samples I would have to go through or how many manufacturers I would have had to try to finally get to this point, I’m not sure I would have kept going. 

I’m grateful I didn’t know because I would have missed out on all the lessons this beautiful journey has provided. So friend, if you’re on the fence.. If you’re feeling nervous and hearing the mind drama I have one question for you. 

What does your soul say? When you’re quiet are you feeling the pull to jump, to try something new? 

Listen to that voice not the negative ones full of what if’s. Believe in yourself and if you need me to I’ll believe in you until you’re ready to believe in yourself. 

Always, Stormy

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