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Meet the Founder of Beauty Binder

From court reporter to mid-life maker/entrepreneur.   

My makeup was everywhere. My expensive products were broken, or I couldn’t find them because I had no system to organize them.  So, I thought, what if there was something on the market that could help me organize my products, lay them flat instead of stack them.  Something like a case that was stylish but also versatile.   

Around this time, I was in a very unhappy place in my own life.  I was in a marriage that was no longer working, and I had become a shell of who I once was.  I knew things needed to change, and looking back, I think I took on this project as a way to move through the pain and on to a new path.  I tested my mental strength each day as I learned as much as I could about business, manufacturing, and growing a brand.   After three years of consistent, messy action, Beauty Binder was born.  I like to call it, inspired makeup organization.  It is more than just a great way to clean up the makeup mess.  It is a way to change lives, share our stories, and grow stronger together.     

Many of my loved ones had struggled with the disease of addiction, and after 14 years reporting in a dependency courtroom in San Bernardino, Ca, I realized that most cases that had come before us had glaring components of addiction.  I knew that if I did this and ever made a profit, a percentage would go to helping women and children who are affected by addiction.  Makeup Addict, LLC is the nonprofit I recently started to achieve this goal.